What Will Be Said About You in Your Eulogy?

No matter how far or how close you think you are from this moment, you can benefit from the so-called “funeral” exercise to set direction to your life. I frequently use this exercise in my talks and seminars. After the initial shock, I ask the audience to close their eyes and visualize a close relative or friend speaking about them. Following the second “shock moment,” I ask them to open their eyes and write down what will be said about them during their eulogy. I conclude the exercise by indicating that they are empowered to significantly influence this final speech. They (and you) have a choice to live their life, from here onward, in a way that will feed the words that will go into their eulogy. These words can also represent what we call your “Personal Mission Statement.” No matter how young or how old you are, you are never too early or too late to define your eulogy and use it as your North Star. Paraphrasing a quote from the motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy, we have a choice to make the rest of our life become the best part of our life. Count on me if you want help in this process.

Percy M. Cannon Corporate Coach www.cannon.consulting PS: Have you tried the LifePlan app? It will help you perform these and other good practices.

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