What Good Feedback Really Looks Like


The attached write-up is an interesting analysis of areas of agreement and disagreement with an original Harvard Business Review article on a hot topic: feedback.
If feedback is an area of interest for you, you may benefit from reading both articles, comparing their opinions, and drawing your own conclusions.
I want to share my personal experience about receiving feedback from my boss more than three decades ago, when I was just getting started in the corporate world. I had been asked to complete an analysis on three competitive brands. I finished the work for two and missed the deadline for the largest competitor. The feedback I received from my boss was clear, useful and highly memorable: I should have worked on the most important things first, and should have warned him ahead of time if I had anticipated to miss the deadline.
I also learned how this type of feedback became be a great way to help people who reported to me later on when I became a manager.
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