The Career Accelerator Podcast: Launch Announcement

I am pleased to announce the launch of “The Career Accelerator” podcast.

If any of the following challenges resonate with you, I encourage you to subscribe to “The Career Accelerator” podcast:

  1. Are you a corporate manager whose direct reports are not capable of achieving their performance goals without your frequent involvement?
  2. Is it hard for you to trust some of the people you interact with at work?
  3. Have you been able to enlist your boss to help you achieve your work priorities?

Every Wednesday in this podcast you will hear tips and tools to deliver results through others—and in the process, accelerate your career advancement opportunities.

How? By adopting a mindset of service, where you always focus on “what’s in it for them,” them being the people within your organization with whom you interact the most: your direct reports, your peers from other departments, and even your boss.

In “The Career Accelerator” podcast, you will benefit from what I have learned (and continue to learn) from my four decades of experience in the corporate world, first as an executive in three multinational companies and now as a professional coach and consultant.

Click here to listen and subscribe to “The Career Accelerator” podcast.

Percy M. Cannon

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