Ready to Start Making a Difference in 2016?\r\n\r\n2016 has arrived. By now you have probably received dozens of “Happy New Year” wishes. How ready are you to truly start making a difference in 2016 today, one that’s strong enough to last throughout the 366 days of 2016? Yes, 2016 is a leap year. Maybe that’s an omen for all of us to take a quantum leap in our lives.\r\n\r\nLet me share three suggestions that can help you make 2016 your best year yet:\r\n\r\n1. Make sure you know what you want to prioritize. If you haven’t developed or updated your personal mission statement and life roles, and set goals for the year, read my December newsletter and blog articles.\r\n\r\n2. Schedule 15 minutes for a weekly planning and review session. Choose Sunday evening or Monday morning for this. Repeat this calendar entry for the 52 weeks of 2016. This action alone could become the biggest game-changer in your life this year. In these 15 minutes you can do two things:\r\na. Review your previous week’s performance. Did you do what you had planned to do? Did you over or under commit? What worked well and what didn’t? Were you able to work on both your professional and personal priorities? Log these findings in a notebook or in your preferred device. They will help you track your progress.\r\nb. Plan your next week’s performance. Based on your 2016 goals, what specific actions do you plan to undertake the following week? Try to move forward on both your professional and personal goals. Block time periods in your weekly agenda to work on these activities.\r\n\r\n3. Schedule five minutes at the beginning of each day for your daily planning and review session. Start your day with:\r\na. A review of the weekly priorities defined in step #2: What have you accomplished so far in the week? Are there any new important activities that have come up? Do you need to reshuffle your activities in the rest of the week to accommodate these new demands?\r\nb. A definition of the top three activities that you will perform today. Schedule enough time in your calendar for them. Include both your professional and personal priorities for the day.\r\n\r\nLet me close with a quote from the American weight-loss expert Jenny Craig: “It’s not what you do once in a while; it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.” Count on me to help you in this process. Read my Monday blog entries during January, where I will provide further insights and suggestions to help you make a difference in 2016.\r\n\r\nI welcome your feedback! Use this link to ask questions, post comments, and request topics you would like to see in future issues.\r\n\r\nPercy M. Cannon\r\nAuthor, Consultant, Facilitator & Coach\r\\r\n\r\nPS1: Use this link to buy my book, The Business Apostolate: Insights to Define and Achieve your Mission in Life, with a special discount for newsletter readers. Just enter code MU5Z7NLM.\r\nPS2: Use this link to subscribe to future newsletter issues.

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