LifePlan is a hands-on application focused on helping you succeed across the different roles in your life. This efficient, ready-to-use application provides a structured system for connecting your goals directly into the activities you schedule into your device calendar.LifePlan will do this by:

  1. Providing you with a series of exercises to increase the level of control and accountability you have on your life choices.
  2. Outlining a clear methodology to develop or update your personal mission statement.
  3. Sharing a system to proactively allocate the bulk of your time to achieving your goals in your personal mission statement. Specifically, LifePlan will ask you to: 
      1. Define what is truly important to you before you start scheduling activities.
      1. Choose which life priorities (professional and personal) you want to work on the following week.
    1.  Choose the activities you want to undertake the following week, which must connect to your choices from (b).

Screenshots of LifePlan app


Lifeplan offers a complete menu of readings, exercises, videos, podcasts and resources, which will help you define and achieve your mission in life.

My Journey

LifePlan invites you to start this life journey, which will help you define and achieve success across the different roles in your life.

Life Changing Event

With exercises like this one, LifePlan will help you get to know yourself better.


LifePlan offers a series of tools to help you define and achieve success in life, on your own terms.

We have developed LifePlan based on:

  • My life philosophy,
  • What I have learned from my life successes and mistakes,
  • The lessons learned in my close to three decades as a corporate executive,
  • The dozens of books I have researched on this subject,
  • What I have learned in the last five years from the hundreds of clients I have interacted with, and
  • Last but not least, my life lessons from trying to be a better husband, father, and grandfather.

Give your new years resolutions a bigger chance to succeed. Download LifePlan today!

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