Managing ‘Up Or Out’ Sounds Harsh But Can Be Effective

“Up or Out” is a phrase I have frequently heard throughout my 35 years in the corporate world, first as an executive and lately as an external coach.\r\nThe attached article highlights a very important element around this phrase: It is a key role of managers to do their very best to grow their employees. If, despite the manager’s best efforts, the employee were not delivering up to expectations, then the manager’s role is to manage them out of the job.\r\nMy reflection here is for managers to feel accountable for job #1: grow their employees. Should this not work out, then job #2 is to remove the person from their current job in a manner similar to the way the manager would like to be treated.  The employee is a human being and deserves the best possible treatment: is there another job in the company where the employee can have a better fit for his/her profile? Is there anything that manager can do to help the employee find another job?\r\nNet, always manage up. If unsuccessful, manage out, the way you’d like to be managed out.\r\n\r\n

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