Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

By the time you read this, 2018 will have arrived. You will have received dozens of “Happy New Year” wishes, and most likely you will have entered the new year with high expectations. But how prepared are you to start making 2018 your best year yet? Let me share three suggestions:

  1. Know what you want to prioritize. Schedule time today to develop or update your personal mission statement and life roles, and to set goals for the year. You can be as detailed as you want, if you do get the job done, in writing, today.
  2. Start a habit of scheduling 15 minutes for a weekly planning and review session. Choose Sunday evening or Monday morning, then repeat this calendar entry in your personal agenda or preferred electronic device every week of 2018. This action alone could become the biggest game-changer in your life this year. In these 15 minutes, you can do two things:
    1. Review your previous week’s performance.
    2. Plan your next week’s performance, then block time periods in your weekly agenda to work on these activities.
  3. Make a habit of scheduling five minutes at the beginning of each day for your daily planning and review session. Start your day with:
    1. A review of the weekly priorities defined in step 2.
    2. A definition of the top three activities you will perform today.
    3. Scheduling your top three activities in your calendar.

I hope these three suggestions not only get you started off right in 2018, but allow you to focus on what you have defined as important in your life throughout the year.

Percy M. Cannon
PS: Have you tried the LifePlan app? It will help you perform these and other good practices.

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