How to Give Exceptional Value to Others

How often have you run into people who seem to have the mindset of “I” or “me” first? Their attitude is mostly “take, take, and take” and “what’s in it for me?” Do you enjoy doing business with these “Go-Takers”? Wouldn’t you rather work with people who have shifted their focus from taking to giving, who are constantly and consistently providing value to others, and who are also driven by the mindset of “what’s in it for them?” but,, in their case, “them” is whomever they are interacting with. We call these people “Go-Givers.” Is it naive to think and act as a Go-Giver? Not at all. Following are three areas in which the Go-Giver mindset can help you improve at work and in your personal life:

  1. Leadership: What do you have to offer as a leader? Is your aim to have people work for you and achieve your business and career goals? Or is it to work with them, add value to their professional growth and help them achieve their goals?
  2. Sales: Which comes first—creating value for others or making the sale? You can control the former but not so much the latter. Aspire to only intensify your efforts to create value for others. Seek to serve and look for ways to create value and trust, and the time to harvest will come—sometimes at moments and from places you least expect.
  3. Influence: Do you influence by talking (and even mandating) what you consider important, or by listening to what’s significant to other people before making a decision? Is there an opportunity to let go of having to be right?

These are just some of the practical applications you can learn from the “Go-Giver” book series written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Giving exceptional value to others will help you enjoy extraordinary results in your professional and personal roles. Just recently I was honored to become a Certified Go-Giver Coach and Speaker. Contact me if you wish to learn more and explore how you, your team, or your organization can adopt the Go-Giver mindset and enjoy extraordinary results. Percy M. Cannon

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