Episode #3: How To Deliver Results Through Your Peers

Is it hard for you to trust some of your peers, especially those with whom you often interact at work?
Throughout the close to four decades that I’ve been working in the corporate world, first as a manager and now as an executive coach, I continue to see a huge opportunity for people from different teams to learn how to achieve results through others.
The few managers who learn to work with and through colleagues from other areas tend to be the ones who achieve better results and accelerate their career growth.

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8 thoughts on “Episode #3: How To Deliver Results Through Your Peers

  1. Rosa Maria Normand Fort

    Great idea Percy to share your knowledge!!!
    Very interesting your point of view!!!! Helps A lot to see the angle of things that you are pointing out. Has made me think in a new perspective. As the old saying says: if you cant beat them, join them.
    Good work!!! Thank you for sharing Percy!!!!

  2. Monica Castaneda Ferreira

    Congratulations Percy!!! It’s a nice story, I love the part where you ask for help to your wife!!! Thank you for share it with us so we can know that there is always a new view in every situation. 👏👏👏


    Congratulations Percy!!. Thank you for sharing your experience. In this chapter I realize the importance of having (searching for) feedback from other areas inside the company.


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