How LifePlan Can Help Improve Work-Life Balance, Part 3

When I read the following title, “Why We All Need to Give Up on Work-Life Balance Once and for All”, I immediately decided to read the article and challenge the author, as I believe we can achieve this balance.\r\n\r\nBut I realized the author had a different work-life balance definition: The first thing we need to do is give up on the whole notion of work-life balance. We need to give up on the idea of having it all. Instead, we need to work on having our all (underline added).\r\n\r\n“…to work on having our all” is why I now agree with the author. Creating work-life balance is about how we define and achieve success on our own terms, across both our professional and personal roles. And this is where LifePlan, a mobile app initially available for iPhones and iPads, which is undergoing beta testing this month, will help you. LifePlan will:\r\n


  1. Increase the level of control and accountability you have over your life choices.
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  3. Develop or update your personal mission statement (i.e., your all, not somebody else’s).
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  5. Use a system to proactively allocate the bulk of your time to achieving your all (i.e., the goals previously defined by you).
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\r\nWe are fast approaching the launch of LifePlan. In the meantime, feel free to read my recent blog articles describing its features and benefits.\r\n\r\nYou can also use this link to be added to the waiting list for LifePlan.\r\n\r\nStay tuned for more news about LifePlan next Monday.\r\n\r\nPercy M. Cannon\r\nAuthor, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator & Coach\r\n

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