How Good Is Your On-Time Performance?

In my recent work within the airline industry, I have learned that On-Time Performance, or OTP, is a key performance metric for airlines measuring flight departure and arrival punctuality. I want to invite you to borrow the airline OTP concept and apply it to three areas within your professional role:

  1. Business meetings:
    • Do you start on time? It is very common to see meetings start a few minutes late, waiting for all (or at least the most senior) participants arrive. Consider the message you are sending to the organization: It’s OK to arrive a few minutes late. We’ll wait for you. I once read about a senior leader locking the door to the meeting room at the scheduled starting time, leaving the latecomers outside. Too radical? Maybe yes, or maybe not…
    • Do you end on time? In my work with leadership teams, some of them find it acceptable to exceed the meeting times so they can address all their agenda topics. If you follow this practice, consider the possible effect it has on the participants’ schedules. It can also send the wrong message to participants: It doesn’t matter how many topics are on the agenda or how inefficiently the meeting was run, everybody is expected to stay until the leader decides to end it.
  2. Travel time:
    • Do you arrive on time to your scheduled appointments? I once had a coach who arrived a few minutes late to our session. He did not blame the traffic for his tardiness. Instead, he admonished himself for not leaving home early enough to account for potential traffic delays. It was a great lesson on personal accountability.
  3. Work commitments:
    • Do you meet deadlines? Early in my professional career I missed a deadline with a boss. He used this opportunity to teach me a few lessons:
      • Prioritize: I finished other less important tasks before this one.
      • Communicate: If you could potentially miss a deadline, inform your superior ahead of time.

These are just three areas where you can apply the airline OTP concept to your work. Let me know if you would like to schedule a free consultation call to discuss how I can coach you or one of your employees on this concept or how to improve other leadership and management skills. Percy M. Cannon

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