How Can You Make the Rest of Your Life… the Best of Your Life?

Since the beginning of the year, three different clients have asked me how to plan a second career. Part of my advice included a summary of the process I followed a decade ago. It was useful to them and could be useful to you, too, if you are considering a career change.

As I was approaching the half-century mark in my life, with one-half of it lived inside the corporate world, I asked myself the following question: How can I make the rest of my life… the best of my life? Up until this point, I had worked as a corporate executive. I wasn’t sure if I should continue in that vein or try something different.

To decide which path to take, I did some deep soul searching in three areas:

  1. What were my strengths?
  2. What was I passionate about?
  3. How could I better serve people?

The outcome of this process, which took a couple of years, helped me make the necessary adjustments to my Personal Mission Statement and its related professional and personal implications. I decided to start a second career, focused on helping businesspeople, like you, succeed in both your professional and personal roles.

However, there was an element that was missing: a sense of urgency. I was too comfortable inside the corporate world to make a change . . . that is, until two of my kids announced, within a few days apart, that they were each expecting their first child. I asked myself what kind of a grandfather I wanted to be. The short answer was to be a present and engaged one. This was the missing element to trigger the execution of my updated Personal Mission Statement.

As a result of this process, nine years ago I quit my corporate job to do, among other things, what I am doing for you today: help you succeed in both your professional and personal roles.

You don’t need to wait until you turn 50 or any age to adjust your Personal Mission Statement. You are never too young or too old to define or redefine what you want to do with your life.

Count on me to help you in this process.

Percy M. Cannon
Corporate Coach
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