How Can You Make a True Difference in 2019?

The new year has arrived. By now you have probably received dozens of “Happy New Year” wishes. How ready are you to start truly making a difference in 2019 today, one that’s strong enough to last throughout the 365 days of the year? Choosing one or more goals for the year is fine, as long as you have a robust system that will support your efforts throughout the year. I suggest you create a new habit in 2019, which we will call the “Weekly Review.” Schedule (in your preferred electronic device or physical agenda) 15 minutes for a weekly planning and review session. Choose Sunday evening or Monday morning for this. Repeat this entry for the 52 weeks of 2019. This action alone could become the biggest game-changer in your life this year. In these 15 minutes you can do two things:

  1. Review your previous week’s performance. Did you do what you had planned to do? Did you over or under commit? What worked well and what didn’t? Were you able to work on both your professional and personal priorities? Log these findings in a notebook or in your preferred device or app. They will help you track your progress.
  2. Plan your next week’s performance. Based on your 2019 goals, what actions do you plan to undertake the following week? Try to move forward on both your professional and personal goals. Block time periods in your weekly agenda to work on these activities.

As with any new habit, repetition is key. If needed, shorten their length, but do your best not to skip them. And when you miss a week (let’s face it, this is bound to happen), pick it up the following week. Tracking your progress is also very important. This will allow you to generate positive momentum. When you can see that what you scheduled got done, it generates a sense of growth and accomplishment. Count on me to help you in this process. You can also leverage the functionality of the LifePlan app for iPhones and iPads, available in the Apple Store. I wish you a successful 2019 across all aspects of your life. Percy M. Cannon Corporate Coach PS: Use this link to subscribe to future newsletter issues.

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