Have You Defined Your Legacy?

https://youtu.be/pmcXoaS4g8A\r\n\r\nThe father of a friend of mine passed away a few months ago. During the mass commemorating the first month of his departure, the priest chose to preach about the following reading from the Old Testament (Sirach 44:1, 7-11):\r\n

I will now praise the godly,\r\nour ancestors, in their own time . . .\r\n. . . Some of them left behind a name\r\nso that people recount their praises.\r\nOf others no memory remains,\r\nfor when they perished, they perished,\r\nas if they had never lived,\r\nthey and their children after them.\r\nYet these also were godly;\r\ntheir virtues have not been forgotten.\r\nTheir wealth remains in their families,\r\ntheir heritage with their descendants.

\r\nThis Bible passage, and the subsequent meditations from the priest, made me pause to reflect about my life’s journey:\r\n• Is my personal mission statement clear enough to guide me on the legacy I want to leave by the time I die?\r\n• Am I proud of this legacy, or should I raise the bar and set higher goals?\r\n• Am I adding value to the lives of the people I interact with?\r\n• Am I interacting with the right people, or am I forgetting somebody important?\r\n\r\nThese, among other questions, can help you plan your legacy. Have you already defined it? If you haven’t, or if you see room for improving it, read this passage again and ask yourself how you want to be remembered.\r\n\r\nIn my blog entries during October, I will provide further insights and suggestions to help you define your legacy.\r\n\r\nLet me close with a quote from the Australian writer and speaker Matthew Kelly: “Life is a journey. Where is your journey taking you at the moment? Is it time to make a change?” Count on me to help you in this process. Remember we are never too young, nor too old, to define what we want to do with our life.\r\n


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