Episode #5: How To Deliver Results Through Your Direct Reports

In today’s episode you will learn how to add value to your Direct Reports by understanding what each one of them needs from you.
I invite you to become a manager-coach. It’s one of the key choices you can make, whether you have recently moved from an Individual Contributor role to a corporate manager, or if you’ve been a manager for a few years. Seek to understand what your Direct Reports want from you, commit to helping them in those areas, and make this part of your day-to-day interaction with them.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #5: How To Deliver Results Through Your Direct Reports

  1. Dr. José Sorto

    Percy, I really enjoy your podcast because of their substance ti to help develop practical leadership skills. Leadership and management are always hot topics in academia and their differences. I think your podcast show both leadership such as coaching and management skills like improving processes. Taking care of people, providing the right resources and development are key ingredients in a successful organizational culture.


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