Santiago AldanaSantiago Aldana, CDO & CTO, Avianca

Percy has been a very valuable coach during my past year in Avianca. I’ve been able to share my challenges and receive advice to improve my performance. I recommend Percy as a great coach.

Ana Maria RubioSenior Human Resources VP, Avianca

Percy is a great Coach! Energetic and driven. He has worked with the top-level team teaching us to work better as a team. Percy has a good method to improve team work that engages people.

Silvia MosqueraRevenues, Sales and Marketing VP, Avianca

I strongly recommend Percy as a coach.I’ve been working with him during the last year and I really think he is a very solid, honest and professional person. He can help you with the challenges in your career.

Maria GereaMarketing Manager at Philips Healthcare

I had the opportunity to work as a business consultant for Percy at Microsoft, and he immediately came across as the manager who truly cares for the employee/contractor at a human level and is invested his/her professional and personal growth. Percy was one of the rare managers I had the opportunity to work for, that I wished could be a mentor for me at the same time, and his constant interest and advice on how to proactively manage work – life balance were truly inspiring for me.

Daniel MendezCustomer Service and Support Business Operations and Strategy Lead at Microsoft, Microsoft Latin America

Percy’s experience on corporate world and his focus on working-together-to-create-business-practices (as opposed to simply delivery of specific activities or projects) helped us to achieve excellent results in areas related to Strategic communication, Team development, Work-Life balance, and Business Management. A great value of working with Percy is that you know that you will achieve specific measurable results and also that the activities and practices that you create working together will help your organization moving forward. Percy’s focus on building long-term business paradigms and practices it’s a key component of his value as consultant.

Liliana GonzalezLatin America Windows Phone Business Group Lead at Microsoft

Percy is the best executive I have ever interacted with a professional practice of supporting my objectives as an individual and as a professional.He is very intuitive, charismatic, caring, and really really good advisor.Percy’s “coachees” become better leaders, and better people, working with clear objectives , more collaboratively and learning to thrive in teams and partnerships.

Stephen LoRegional Director, Asia Pacific at TELLUS International

Percy was my best manager at Microsoft. He not only challenged me toward ever higher marks of success, but he also instilled in me the work ethic of “customers first.” In our case, this meant thinking first about how our work at Microsoft HQ would benefit our counterparts in 70+ Microsoft subsidiaries throughout the world.In additon to managing me, Percy coached me in my professional development. His unique perspective and wide variety of experiences have made me to be a better business person.

Akash MehrotraDirector Industry Sales, Microsoft Corporation

Percy is an incredible leader with an innate ability to win over the trust and loyalty of anyone he ever interacts with. His year of experience, insight, people skills & friendly nature make him a natural mentor and perfect coach for anyone. One can learn tremendously from his leadership building ability, people skills, career mentorship, deep sales and marketing experience and global business understanding. I highly recommend Percy and would love to get an opportunity to work with him again.

Shamila RamcharanBusiness, Marketing & Operations Lead at Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago

Percy has acted as a mentor to me in his capacity as a globally based BMO. In this capacity, I have been able to learn key drivers of performance in our business, managing work flow and balancing professional and personal priorities. Percy is very insightful into both business and career development and is an asset to anyone who is privileged enough to work with him or benefit from his experience.

Katarzyna WisniewskaDirector, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Corporation

I have been privileged to work with Percy for 2 years and I was impressed with his ability to stay focused and deliver business results while always paying attention to a person staying behind a business card. His long corporate experience together with an integrity, trustworthiness and a fantastic sense of humor made Percy a great manager, coach and mentor at the same time. If I could recommend one person who would teach how to balance a professional and private life and succeed in both – it will be Percy for sure!

Helen DuMarketing Director at Microsoft, Microsoft Greater China

Percy is a seasoned business advisor whom has deep knowledge on business alignment, embraces connected sales and marketing. Percy has the gifted talent of recognizing individuals hidden strengths and weaknesses, and then coach them through self-development.

Henry BrulayDirector of Global Marketing

Percy and I worked together at IBM. He was responsible for leading IBM’s marketing efforts for Latin America South. I was responsible for the development and execution of marketing campaigns across the Latin American region. In all my interactions with Percy, he always showed the creativity and energy to drive results and exceed our goals. Percy is collaborative in his approach and has the uncanny ability to strategize, drive consensus and ensure flawless execution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Percy again. And I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any professional/consultative endeavor whatsoever.

Juan MostajoBusiness Analysis at Kimberly Clark

One of the best professionals I have worked with. Trust, passion, honesty and people caring are a few words that I can quickly connect with him. Also, challenging, goals oriented, problem solver and ethics above all. His impact always went beyond the workplace and business results but most importantly on people’s lives.By being an example of practicing what he believes in he quickly inspires others towards self improvement doing the right things right for the business and most importantly for the individuals themselves. I was lucky to work with Percy for several years having him as a customer (Peru 1987-1991) and later on as my leader (Argentina 1997-1998). Constant themes coming from him: creating a vision, energizing people – through one-on-one coaching and teamwork building – and enabling the achievement of breakthrough results.

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