Employee Retention Starts with Onboarding

I want to share two good onboarding experiences I had during my 27 years in the corporate world. You may find some elements applicable to future onboarding processes in your team:\r\n


  1. My onboarding in P&G (first job after graduate school): My manager prepared a detailed 3-day schedule of people I should connect with. However, the best element of it was that he met with me for one to two hours at the end of each day, to debrief on the activities of the day, and to work together on a budget proposal he was preparing.
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  3. My onboarding in Microsoft (at a more senior level): My manager assigned one of my new colleagues (who had been in the company for several years) to accompany me on a 2-week onboarding process. They had set up a series of meetings with the people I would be interacting with on a more regular basis in my new job.
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\r\nThe common factor I found in these and other good onboarding processes is the ownership, engagement and good planning by the onboarding manager.\r\n\r\nhttps://hbr.org/tip/2019/02/employee-retention-starts-with-onboarding

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