Do You Want to Improve Your Life Results?

One way is by becoming more disciplined. The attached article, “7 Ways to Develop Daily Discipline,” provides not seven but eleven such suggestions. In this blog entry, I want to share my thoughts on the third one: Know that every day matters. What we have accomplished so far in life is the result of the different ways we’ve used our time awake (and asleep as well). The big question is: Did you make every day matter? I know I didn’t and, in hindsight, I wish I had been more disciplined in defining what I wanted to do and then in living what I had defined as important to me. The past is history. However, you have a choice of how disciplined to be from here onward. It starts by being accountable to yourself for how to allocate your time and energy every single day. This is where a tool like LifePlan can make a difference. LifePlan, the iPhone and iPad app, helps you increase the odds of making every day matter by:

  1. Helping you define your life priorities
  2. Asking you to schedule a weekly planning session
  3. Scheduling specific tasks directly into your device calendar

Click here to go to LifePlan’s Apple Store page, download the app, and start making every day count. Percy M. Cannon Author, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator & Coach

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