Do You Need Help Defining Your Life Values?

As announced in my July newsletter, this month we will launch LifePlan, a smartphone and tablet app initially available for iPhones and iPads.\r\n\r\nFollowing the blog entries published in July, I will continue to provide additional details on how LifePlan can improve your life results.\r\n\r\nIn this article, I want to outline portions of an exercise included in LifePlan, which are aimed at identifying the different sources of your life values.\r\n\r\nWhy do I think this is an important exercise? Because we are bombarded 24/7 with messages from different sources. In the absence of a clear order of priority, we run the risk of assigning a higher level of importance to the wrong source.\r\n\r\nHere are some of the potential value sources included in the LifePlan exercise:\r\n\r\n• Family\r\n• Religious beliefs\r\n• Internet\r\n• Society\r\n• Books\r\n• Teachers\r\n• Friends\r\n\r\nThis LifePlan exercise will ask you to rank the top five sources, from most to least important. The result will help you choose the values you want to prioritize for the rest of your life.\r\n\r\nStay tuned for more news about LifePlan next Monday.\r\n\r\nUse this link to be added to the waiting list for LifePlan.\r\n\r\nPercy M. Cannon\r\nAuthor, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator & Coach\r\

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