Creating a Culture of Excellence The Go-Giver Way

Would you like to be recognized as a person who creates a culture of excellence within and outside your organization? In Part 1 of my five-part series, I will provide suggestions that you can start adopting right away to promote excellence at work.

I will build on the content from “The Go-Giver book series written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, as well as my nearly four decades of international corporate experience, first as an executive and now as a coach.

In two previous issues (March 2019 and May 2019), I introduced The Go-Giver philosophy (always aim to add value to others) and The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success displayed by people with a Go-Giver mindset.

Today we will start with The Law of Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.  

Your “value” is the relative worth you add to the organization, both in the mind of your boss and in the experience of the people with whom you interact (both internally and externally), which includes your customers.

Your “payment” is the salary and benefits you receive.

What The Law of Value suggests is that you strive to exceed expectations, both inside the organization (with your boss and internal stakeholders), as well as with your external customers. You aim to become the “go-to” person when there is an internal need for someone “special.” You could be the person who works well with people from other teams, who consistently delivers despite potential drawbacks, who can expertly navigate the internal bureaucracy, or whatever other unique or outstanding capability or competence you may have.

By giving exceptional value to others, you will be contributing to building a culture of excellence in your company, no matter where you stand in the organization chart. You will also earn a name for yourself. In fact, in times of cost savings and head-count reductions, you could be the talent others seek, rather than being on the list of people who could be leaving the organization.
Contact me if you wish to learn more and explore how you, your team, or your organization can adopt The Go-Giver mindset and enjoy extraordinary results.

Percy M. Cannon

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