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Just How Bad Is Business Travel for Your Health? Here’s the Data.

If you are a frequent flier and care about your health, this article is for you. You probably already know that business travel requires strong discipline to eat healthy, exercise and sleep well. It’s easy to convince yourself that you can relax your eating, exercise and sleep habits while on the road. Don’t. Assuming you already have good eating, exercise and sleep habits at home, make it a point to maintain them when traveling. At the very least, increase your awareness of your choices. Try setting reminders on your smartphone if you think that could help. And don’t give up.\r\n\r\n

3 Tough Decisions You’ll Have To Make When Considering A Career Change

Interesting insights in the attached article on the things you need to consider when changing jobs. I myself made a major professional change seven years ago, when I left the corporate world to start a second career as an executive coach. I was clear on my life priorities back then (and now), and acted based on those priorities. It was not an easy move… but I don’t regret it.\r\n\r\n

Start Your New Years Resolutions in April, Not January

This counter-intuitive article made me think about the importance of having a process in place to not only define your yearly goals, but to also plan, on a weekly basis, their execution. Schedule into your physical or digital calendar, every Sunday or Monday morning, a “10-minute appointment with yourself”, where you will pick the top 3 activities, connected with your yearly goals, that you commit to execute during that week. At the beginning of every day, validate or adjust what portion of those 3 activities you will start to execute that day. Follow this process throughout the year. You will greatly increase the odds of success in your life.\r\n\r\n

4 Ways to Make Your Career Resolutions Stick in 2018

Check out the fourth suggestion from this article: Break out a goal in smaller parts. I would also suggest to assign a short timeframe to each of these mini-goals. You will feel motivated after accomplishing the first mini-goal within a week, which will encourage you to tackle the next one.\r\n\r\n

Five Business Leaders Share Their Secrets For Finding And Pursuing Your Life Purpose

Very good and diverse perspectives on how to align your professional choices with your Life Purpose. Becomes even more relevant now that we are approaching the start of a new year.\r\n\r\n

I Wonder Why We Are So Confident That Tomorrow is Guaranteed

This quote reminded me of an audiobook I listened a few years ago, which repeated the following phrase over and over: “Do it NOW.” If you keep postponing starting the important work in your life, you run the risk of never getting to it. The same blockers that are leading you to wait today will likely be present tomorrow. Get started today with a small action, like reading the first paragraph of the book you’ve had with you for weeks. Do it now.\r\n\r\n