Are You Acting as a Change Leader During These Uncertain Times?

As a leader today, you can’t ignore the unprecedented coronavirus-related factors that are affecting businesses and people around the world. However, as recently discussed with a senior executive, you do have a choice about how to lead during this uncertain period, especially if you are considering implementing changes in your business.

With six months into the crisis and an indefinite duration ahead of us, I invite you to ask yourself four questions:

  • Are you being proactive versus reactive?
  • Have you moved from emergency to growth mode?
  • Are you challenging the status quo or operating as usual?
  • Can you evolve from a business leader to a human leader?

If you are looking for a way to accelerate change, consider one or more of the elements outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage:

  1. Build a Cohesive Leadership Team (LT):  I have covered this topic in previous articles. Now that most people are working remotely, do your team members show vulnerability-based trust among themselves and with their respective team members? Can the LT members debate tough topics and commit to the final agreement, even if they initially disagreed with it? Can they hold each other accountable? Do they have a common goal?

  2. Create Clarity: Is the LT clear, committed and aligned on the changes you are trying to implement?
  3. Over-communicate clarity: Are the change-related messages being cascaded properly throughout the organization? Are the managers role-modeling the desired changes? You may have seen more than one leader driving a message that they expect the rest of the organization to embrace, only to turn around and behave in a manner opposite to it.
  4. Reinforce Clarity: Do your human resources processes, policies, programs, and activities clearly reflect the desired changes? Take the performance review process: Are you holding every individual in the organization, starting with your LT members, accountable for the desired results and behaviors?

Take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis period to identify and implement one or more business-building changes. Stay close to the organization as you implement them, as these times require special attention to the human component within your company.

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Percy M. Cannon

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