Are You a Go-Giver?

I recently read The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. In this book, the authors outline what they call “the five laws of stratospheric success”:

  1. The Law of Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
  2. The Law of Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
  3. The Law of Influence: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
  4. The Law of Authenticity: The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
  5. The Law of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

The Go-Giver title and the five laws may sound like they contradict the typical “give to get” attitude found in the business world. However, the simple yet very realistic stories shared in the book made me pause and reflect on my own experiences and attitudes toward giving. I took away these two key lessons:

  1. Focus on building long-lasting relationships, instead of transactional ones, and
  2. To be customer-centric means to provide a service (or product) that adds true value to the buyer vs. a focus on selling to meet your sales quota.

I have given copies of this book as a present to relatives, friends, and customers. They say they have found the concepts applicable to their professional and personal roles. In fact, one customer bought several copies of the book to give as presents. Are you ready to become a Go-Giver?

Percy M. Cannon

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