Are Telecommuters More Productive than Office Workers?

A recent study, referred to in this article, seems to validate this statement. Some of the benefits of remote working mentioned in the study were:

  • Better communication
  • Improved work-life balance
  • More flexibility with child care

Other insights reported in the article indicate that:

  • Technology tools that enable communication and collaboration are motivating workers to pick up the phone and seek Facetime.
  • More millennials are demanding flexibility as an office perk.

My opinion, as stated in previous newsletters, is it takes two to tango. Managers should stay tuned-in to the individual flexibility preferences of their employees and discuss the best way to combine in-person and remote work approaches. Employees should voice their flexibility preferences to their bosses and, above all, meet or exceed their respective performance goals. Only then should this and other work “perks” be endorsed by their employers.

Percy M. Cannon

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