Are you an executive in a large corporation who wants to accelerate your career growth? Does your team deliver business growth faster than the competition?

The Executive Coaching Program supports executives and their Leadership Teams on how to proactively take advantage of the current period of uncertainty to boost their leadership and teamwork capabilities and thus deliver stronger business results.

Unlike career coaches with little experience working inside large corporations, this program leverages Percy’s close to four decades of corporate knowledge, first as a Latin American executive within three large multinational US-based companies (Procter & Gamble, IBM and Microsoft), and now as an executive coach and consultant.

The Executive Coaching Program with Percy is custom-tailored around where you want to go next in your executive career. It can include virtual 1:1 coaching with you or your team members (biweekly, 12 sessions minimum), and/or workshops (1-2 days, delivered through short Zoom or MS Teams modules) to boost the leadership and teamwork capabilities of your group.

Through this program you will have significantly strengthened your growth mindset and capabilities to produce better-than-expected business results despite the COVID-19 challenges. The value which you will have added to your company will be clearly visible to your manager and senior executives, and it should translate into attractive career growth opportunities.

Results Clients Receive from The Executive Coaching Program (partial list)

1. Personalized leadership coaching:

  • Accelerate your career growth by
    • becoming a manager-coach to drive higher engagement of direct reports,
    • delivering results through your peers, and
    • effectively managing your boss
  • Drive cultural change even during uncertain times
  • Self-awareness of development needs and blind spots to drive personal growth
  • Create a Go-Giver culture of service: Identify what’s of value to the other person before expecting to get something from them
  • Benefit from a “sounding board” (i.e., a coach) for executives who are “lonely at the top”

2. Coaching your team:

  • Deliver business growth faster than the competition by:
    • generating trust within co-workers,
    • Running effective meetings: master conflict to drive commitment
    • holding peers accountable, breaking down silos to drive collective results
  • Operate as team players: Practice the virtues of being humble, hungry and people-smart
  • Treat others the way THEY—not YOU—want to be treated

Percy has been helping hundreds of corporate executives and their teams boost their leadership and teamwork capabilities over the past ten years. Before this, Percy spent close to three decades working for three multinational corporations, Procter & Gamble, IBM & Microsoft, in the United States and across several countries in Latin America. Percy is a Certified Professional Coach from Wainwright Global, Authorized Partner for “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” and “Everything DiSC”, a Certified Go-Giver Speaker & Coach, and a consultant of several methodologies from best-seller author Patrick Lencioni (e.g., “The Ideal Team Player”, “The Advantage” and others).