Episode #1: A Key Skill That Successful Corporate Managers Have Mastered

Are you a corporate manager whose Direct Reports are not capable of achieving their performance goals without your frequent involvement? Is it hard for you to trust some of the people you interact with at work? And, have you been able to enlist your boss to help you achieve your work priorities?
In this and future episodes, I will help you solve these and other challenges faced by corporate managers. I will build on the experience I have gained during the past 4 decades, from what I did well and the whole lot that I could have done better.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #1: A Key Skill That Successful Corporate Managers Have Mastered

  1. Carlos Marrero Bornn

    In a world where competition is increasingly inhumane, where Corporate Managers only think about personal goals regardless of collective ones, this method of management is truly revolutionary. Do not miss an episode, it will change your life and direct you, as a Corporate Manager, and your working team, on the true path of success !!! 

    Carlos Marrero Bornn 
    Freelance Creative Director

  2. Luis Bernal

    Collaborative working , all the time, is the way forward in today’s business environment. People need to be tuned up and have the same brain wave length with all peers and collaborators to succeed . I have found Percy’s approach very useful and practical in today’s business environment.


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