Do You Want to Improve the Health of Your Organization?

One of the main concerns indicated by corporate employees is a lack of an adequate work-life balance.
Unfortunately, the two parties involved, the employee and the employer, may not always feel accountable for improving it, or may have different views on how to address it.
Employees may be expecting flexible work schedules from their employers, for example. But have they taken the time to define what success looks like in their professional and personal roles?
Employers may be expecting higher productivity from their employees, for example. But have they taken the time to understand how they can help employees deliver the expected performance results without sacrificing their personal lives?
Percy can help the corporate managers and the employees address this key concern.

How can Percy help you?



Coaching you and your organization  on Work-Life Balance, Personal Leadership and any other topic that leverages Percy’s Corporate and Personal experience.  Format can range from a short 30-minute Keynote or webcast, to full-day workshops and multi-day seminars.




Consulting services with Corporate and Human Resources leaders to develop tailor-made programs for them as people managers and for their employees.





Through LifePlan, the hands-on application focused on helping you succeed across the different roles in your life. This efficient, ready-to-use application provides a structured system for connecting your goals directly into the activities you schedule into your device calendar.




Through Percy’s books, published in English and Spanish. Are you clear on what  you want to do with your life? In his life-changing book “The Business Apostolate”, Percy outlines three key steps to do so:

  1. Pilot Your Life: Become 100% accountable for your life, for the rest of your life.
  2. Chart Your Journey: Define your Personal Mission Statement, in writing.
  3. Walk The Talk: Live your life priorities 24/7.