Do You Suffer From “Silo-itis” in Your Company?

“Silo-itis,” or the presence of walls that separate and isolate different teams within a company, seems to be a dysfunction widely spread across corporations.

They may exist because the respective leaders do not get along and would rather minimize the contact between them. Or because there isn’t a strong enough reason for the leaders and their teams to work together. They may lack a common goal that makes their teams interdependent.

One potential solution to this last issue is to identify a corporate priority that requires the engagement of all the leadership team members. In his book Silos, Politics and Turf Wars, Patrick Lencioni calls this joint priority a thematic goal. Here are a few of its elements:

  • It has a single area of focus.
  • It is time-bound, usually set in months, vs. a long-term, multiyear goal.
  • It is shared by the entire leadership team and, through them, by the entire organization.

Beyond this thematic goal, there are other components of this model, such as objectives and metrics. However, I wanted to highlight the former, as I have seen it as a key opportunity in the teams I have been part of and coached.

Count on me if you want help in removing silos from your company.

Percy M. Cannon
Corporate Coach

One thought on “Do You Suffer From “Silo-itis” in Your Company?

  1. Alice Lebron

    Thanks, Percy. Great article and excellent points. Between silos and ‘tur-management’ organizations waste precious resources and miss many opportunities to focus on the bigger picture!


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